Richard Verkley – A successful businessman and a great philanthropist

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Richard Verkley

When we talk about entrepreneurship and small business success, Richard Verkley will always come to the minds of many people. He is an accomplished businessman with shrewd business knowledge in the area of franchising. He is a popular business figure in Ecuador as he has set up a solid foundation that spreads his highly demanded services to other local organizations.

Richard Verkley is not only an entrepreneur but also a philanthropist. It is rear to see businessmen these days who crave the time to see to the needs of the less privileged. Their time for business is always more important to them than anything else. But Richard Verkley is different. Despite his busy schedules, he always craves time to perform his philanthropic duties. He has given aids to several organizations and partnered with many other organizations to give aids to the less privileged in his community.

He has set up…

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