Hearts of Gold by Richard Verkley

Richard Verkley

There’s a chines quote that“If you give man a fish and you feed him for a day.You should teach him to fish and you can feed him for a lifetime.”

If we look at the profile of Mr. Richard Verkley he fits in to this quotation. Mr and mrs.Verkley a Canadian couple created The Hearts of Gold Foundation. They live permanently in Cuenca, Ecuador. In response to the hospitality of the local region’s community in year 2010 the couple started a few businesses to help and support the local businesses. The couple was so impressed by the generosity and warmth that this led them to be able to fund their true passion which was to help others. Their first project was their Gold and Silver shop. They sponsored the Christmas Gold for children program. That’s how they started raising funds just in time for Christmas for three orphanage projects…

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