Focal Point International – Couching You through Buying Franchises With Richard Verkley

Purchasing Franchises can be a very successful business starter which could provide you with prosperity and growth on professional field but in order to make sure your purchase is indeed a great investment you need to get all valuable information related to the franchise you are interested in buying. Richard Verkley has gone ahead in reviving his passion for business analytics and economy coaching which resulted with Focal Point International Company with Richard Verkley on the head practicing his long life expertise in coaching investors in buying prosperous franchises and training investors on investing smart. Richard Verkley is a successful businessman and as a president of Focal Point International and Far Point Mining, he managed to gain a valuable business experience he dedicatedly shares with his clients who want to invest intelligently and make their business run.Richard Verkley stresses out that idea solely cannot be enough when starting a business you want to grow and succeed, for every business require quality spent time on thorough researching and analyzing the market demand and economy status at that point. Focal Point International with Richard Verkley is proud to present their team of professional who are set to deliver top coaching services and franchise advising to all of their clients, helping them get to the point where they can be happy with their achievements and enjoy amenities of well developed business.Focal Point International is working with idea of helping every investor create investment safety environment for prosperity and business growth. Richard Verkley and his professional team of experts in economy field are trying to revive the clients’ business idea into prosperous reality while conducting a vast number of relevant and critical researching in the field of franchises clients are interested in buying in order to start a business. Since every business in development asks for certain risks of which some can’t pay off, Richard Verkley and Focal Point International are providing their clients with franchise coaching and strategy advising so the risks could be decreased.Focal point International is one of the leading companies in business of professional franchise coaching, deserving the enviable status it gained by many years of experience and successfully conducted researches and analyzes on economy market and franchise prosperity. By earning their clients’ trust Focal Point International’s professional team with Richard Verkley as the president and founder, are dedicatedly working on helping new investors find their place in economical jungle and choose the franchise with endless possibilities and business opportunities. Team is set to work out the best solution in order to help all clients revive their business goals, and transform their ideas into real and ground-solid franchise with successful business going on.Focal Point International has helped many investors with Richard Verkley coaching them on how to start a successful business and make it flourish regardless of the risk factors involved and by teaching franchise buyers how to handle making tough decisions, choosing great professional teams and leading their franchise into prosperity but first guiding all investors in buying the franchise with most potential for great business opportunities.


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  1. The main goal the Hearts of Gold is to educate people and provide them necessary tools to break the poverty cycle. The organization carries out projects and programs through Ecuador to help families and local communities.

  2. Richard is the pioneer of the new open universe of free venture and franchising in Russia through Alpha graphics, which was named “Franchisee of the Year” six years consecutively, and was top in national deals for seven out of eight years.

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