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For those of you who don’t know who Richard Verkley is, he is a franchise mentor who is always up for helping people to consider buying small franchises as a great business opportunity. Richard Verkley helps and advises people who are interested in operating in small businesses which are best to invest in. He believes that with proper care and right business- techniquemoves you can make the best out of every business. Richard Verkley is a successful businessman, speaker, entrepreneur, author and Chief executive officer of Far Point Mining and Focal Point International. He knows the art of analyzing businesses and investing in them. Richard focuses on two main things in order to flourish your business. Firstly, when you’re talking about franchises, ‘Franchise Show Subject’ is something you should have some knowledge about. When buying a franchise, the most important thing to check is if the certain business has a franchise show. It means that you should make sure of all the opportunities you might get in the way of that business, the value of the franchise and all the goals and challenges you would have to face. Richard Verkley provides various tips and tricks to the potential franchise buyers and gives them suggestions and advices on how to be definitely certain that they business that they’re investing in, would bring to them success and prosperity.

Focal Point International is stepping into the success along with Richard Verkley, making agreements with the top rated business coaching companies of the world. The main goal with which Richard Verkley is running the Focal Point International is that any business can be successful for you and can bring great deals of opportunities for you as long as you are up well updated with the world market and are good at analyzing various market factors. Focal Point International is offering professional and high standards of pure services of coaching excellence in order to minimize all the risks one faces while purchasing a business. The only work that the client has to do is to provide the company with their professional team and the rest is taken care of by the Focal Point International itself. At Focal Point International, thorough researches are carried out on Franchise market and the standards which need to be fulfilled in order for the business to flourish and succeed. For that purpose, Richard Verkley, has started to make online coaching video guides which could help you in giving you an overview of all the various factors that need to be kept in mind while opting for a franchise business. And because of Richard Verkley’s expertise, Focal Point International has managed to stay on top of their area of expertise.


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  1. Richard Verkely and his wife Sheryle, a Canadian couple living permanently in Ecuador set up a foundation to help the local community of Cuenca. They created Hearts of Gold foundation in year 2010 along with a group of volunteers to help the needy people of Cuenca…………….

  2. Far Point International team of professionals along with Richard Verkley as their torch bearer conducts every research on any franchise market and business making sure all clients are satisfied with their investment, and business progresses and the development is secured…………

  3. The main goal the Hearts of Gold is to educate people and provide them necessary tools to break the poverty cycle. The organization carries out projects and programs through Ecuador to help families and local communities.

  4. Since its origin in 2011, Richard has served to create various gold mining tasks. His enthusiasm for doing it right has situated Focal point as one of Ecuador’s harbingers in earth benevolent alluvial gold mining.

  5. nehadubey155 says:

    Richard Verkley has created a forum for teaching basic principles and concepts of entrepreneurship for people who want to start their own businesses and ventures. In his videos he is seen promoting the cause of the society along with teaching entrepreneurship which he is obviously very good at.

  6. nehadubey155 says:

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    Richard Verkley has created a forum for teaching basic principles and concepts of entrepreneurship for people who want to start their own businesses and ventures. In his videos he is seen promoting the cause of the society along with teaching entrepreneurship which he is obviously very good at.

  7. priyankaarora843 says:

    Successful businessman, speaker, entrepreneur, author and Chief executive Officer of Far Point Mining is also the leading position of Focal Point International. Richard Verkley has great experience in helping franchises grow and coaching people on how to purchase and develop the franchises they are interested in. ………..

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    Purchasing Franchises can be a very successful business starter which could provide you with prosperity and growth on professional field but in order to make sure your purchase is indeed a great investment you need to get all valuable information related to the franchise you are interested in buying.

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  11. Richard Verkley has established organizations that work on the intelligence and personality quotients of people to help them grow as an individual and also as a law-abiding and productive citizen. If it weren’t for people like him, countries like Ecuador would still be in search of their messiahs.

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    Richard Verkley stresses out that idea solely cannot be enough when starting a business you want to grow and succeed, for every business require quality spent time on thorough researching and analyzing the market demand and economy status at that point. Focal Point International with Richard Verkley is proud to present their team of professional who are set to deliver top coaching services and franchise advising to all of their clients, helping them get to the point where they can be happy with their achievements and enjoy amenities of well developed business.

  13. Truly, Richard Verkley succeeds in his goals and objectives in life, he has proved that he is not only a good leader, but also a good follower, he follows his heart and that is to be an effective adviser for all.

  14. Richard Verkley also stresses out that one of the most important things when planning to purchase a franchise you are interested in, is to have highly professional team by your side, trained in management and with appreciated expertise in the field of business franchise you are purchasing.

  15. With his experience as a land and property developer, Mr. Horan proceeded to establish his own company. Today, he has more than $250 million in his portfolio of real estates that have been completed by the company. With 15 subdivisions, more than 140,000 square feet and 12,000 acres of company space, Mr. Horan really a force to be reckoned with.

  16. Mr. Horan has so many other interests apart from business. He is involved in so many community services. Mr. Darwin has been head of several important positions in the Denver District including the Castle PineParks Authority and the Oversight Community appointment. He is a renowned philanthropist and enjoys putting laughter in people’s faces.

  17. priyankaarora843 says:

    He also works as a part time human rights activist. He has founded several foundations and organizations that strive towards helping the local population in terms of improving their standards of living.

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  19. The organization is working for children who go to schools hungry, for homeless seniors, nutrition initiatives, child support program, gifts and overnight solutions and much more.

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