Farpoint Mining with Richard Verkley

Far Point Mining is a small environment-friendly mining company dealing with gold mining in Ecuador. Ever since the Ecuador’s president Correa decided to re-open the gold mining industry Richard Verkley, Stan Grist and Robert Gordon  joined forces into exploring the wealth of South American nature and started their business in gold mining with Richard Verkley as the Chief Executive Officer.Far Point Mining was founded in 2012. With the cause and goal of exploration the Ecuador’s landscapes and bringing new investors to South America, with complete environmental consciousness in protecting nature. Far Point Mining Company has taken initiative of participating in government’s project of revival of mining industry. Since Ecuador’s land is rich in copper, silver, gold and minerals, mining industry can make a great opportunity for new job positions and new investors, which can help economy’s improvement. Even though the company was founded in 2012 after long negotiations lead by Richard Verkley in order to assure financing, Far Point Company started with mining in 2013. When all legal regulations were fulfilled, after great challenges Richard Verkley’s team had to overcome the company started with successful business of revealing the Ecuador’s natural treasures showing the people of South and North America new opportunities the mining industry can bring.Far Point works together with all investors who are aware of great potential of natural precious metals under Ecuador’s government supervision and approval. Since Richard Verkley has great experience as a president business leader and successful entrepreneur, Far point Mining is in great hands inevitably heading to success.The most important thing however is to keep environmental consciousness , and preserve natural beauty of Ecuador so in that spirit Richard Verkley and his company are working on mining projects without jeopardizing the well-being of natural order. Usually, a vast number of companies working on environmentally healthy areas are not aware of damages they can cause, which is not the case with Far Point Mining. Richard Verkley and his team believe that profit can go side by side with environmental consciousness, so they are take every precaution in preserving natural treasures of Ecuador.Company avoids the use of mercury or sodium cyanide in order to find gold in the rivers, instead is practicing traditional mining techniques using only utilization of water and gravity preventing contamination of the river community in areas around depends on. Not only that Far Point Mining is working on building a successful business bringing investors and opening new working positions but they are also working on positive transformation of the land they have purchased for mining purposes. So far, Far Point Company has created tilapia ponds, planted mandarin trees, and made a chicken raising station and field. Far Point Mining is that way assuring complete agricultural revival and mining industry progress which can lead to economical development of Ecuador on long term. All investors who recognize the great potential of mining industry and respect the nature are welcome to invest and become a part of Far Point Mining community.


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  1. Richard Verkley provides various tips and tricks to the potential franchise buyers and gives them suggestions and advices on how to be definitely certain that they business that they’re investing in, would bring to them success and prosperity.

  2. Richard Verkely and his wife Sheryle, a Canadian couple living permanently in Ecuador set up a foundation to help the local community of Cuenca. They created Hearts of Gold foundation in year 2010 along with a group of volunteers to help the needy people of Cuenca………………

  3. Far Point International team of professionals along with Richard Verkley as their torch bearer conducts every research on any franchise market and business making sure all clients are satisfied with their investment, and business progresses and the development is secured…………

  4. The main goal the Hearts of Gold is to educate people and provide them necessary tools to break the poverty cycle. The organization carries out projects and programs through Ecuador to help families and local communities.

  5. Since its origin in 2011, Richard has served to create various gold mining tasks. His enthusiasm for doing it right has situated Focal point as one of Ecuador’s harbingers in earth benevolent alluvial gold mining.

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    Successful businessman, speaker, entrepreneur, author and Chief executive Officer of Far Point Mining is also the leading position of Focal Point International. Richard Verkley has great experience in helping franchises grow and coaching people on how to purchase and develop the franchises they are interested in. ………

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    Richard Verkley has additionally taken the activity of making internet instructing feature guides which could help you get a review on all things that needs to be carried out and all components considered, so you would know whether the establishment you are intrigued by can make you a benefit and your speculation is sheltered and sound.

  9. Richard Verkley has additionally taken the activity of making internet instructing feature guides which could help you get a review on all things that needs to be carried out and all components considered, so you would know whether the establishment you are intrigued by can make you a benefit and your speculation is sheltered and sound.

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    Purchasing Franchises can be a very successful business starter which could provide you with prosperity and growth on professional field but in order to make sure your purchase is indeed a great investment you need to get all valuable information related to the franchise you are interested in buying.

  12. Richard Verkley also turns attention to certain risks which follows franchise business purchasing, but stresses out that every business comes with certain fear that you will lose more than you invested. Even though franchise investments carries a certain risks that most buyers fear of, you can avoid or lower the risks by collecting information about franchise you want to purchase and educating yourself about franchise business.

  13. Truly, Richard Verkley succeeds in his goals and objectives in life, he has proved that he is not only a good leader, but also a good follower, he follows his heart and that is to be an effective adviser for all.

  14. Richard Verkley also stresses out that one of the most important things when planning to purchase a franchise you are interested in, is to have highly professional team by your side, trained in management and with appreciated expertise in the field of business franchise you are purchasing.

  15. With highly educated and experienced team, all risk factors could be decreased to the minimal level, or completely diminished, so you will be able to lead your franchise business to prosperity and growth. To get detailed explanations on how to purchase and manage franchise business, you can watch videos made by Richard Verkley, online.

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    . In short in the face of Richard Verkley, Ecuador has found itself a visionary who does not only believe in the natural potential of the earth but also in the natural capabilities of the people.

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